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Comfortable– Nothing comes close to the comfort of radiant heat.  Radiant heat works the same way as the sun heats your body.  Given that radiant heat heats your body and other objects in the room, not the air around them- there is never a problem of heat collecting at the ceiling as with other forms of space heating.  Plus, you will never hear the complaint of cold feet again!

Clean– With a properly installed radiant heat system, you will no longer have to worry about your heating system distributing dust, pollen and other allergens throughout your home or business.  A radiant heating system is very hypoallergenic.

Efficient– Energy efficiency is going to be more and more critical as we move into the next decade.  As gas prices soar and our precious natural resources are over taxed, smart homeowners and business owners alike will see the benefits of a properly installed, well tuned, efficient radiant heating system.

Quiet– No noisy fans!  Radiant heating systems naturally offer a superior living environment compared to standard forced air systems. Since there are no furnaces or blowers, noise and dust are reduced to make your home cleaner and more peaceful.

Attractive Design– imagine the freedom your architect will have not being concerned about designing your beautiful home around bulky duct work which requires soffits and dropped ceilings,not to mention the inconvenient placement of floor registers around your home. Underfloor heating is invisible from above and does not use valuable wall space with unsightly heating equipment.

Room-to-room control-It’s easy to zone the system using multiple thermostats. This allows you to
adjust temperatures in a single room or a group of rooms, based on activity and
usage levels.

Smart-the smart choice for our environment